Evidencia RoboSub


The VTec U-III is the third submarine prototype designed by VantTec, created to participate in the RoboSub competition. This unmanned underwater vehicle is made out of lightweight materials, and includes mechanical add-ons such as a robotic arm, a marker dropper, and a torpedo launcher. The VTec U-III has control in surge, sway, heave and yaw motions, as well as path-following control capabilities using local coordinates and odometry. In addition, the VTec U-III is equipped with perception sensors for obstacle detection using computer vision.

Tech Specs


  • Material: Nylamid

  • Length: 0.45 m

  • Beam: 0.70 m

  • Mass: 18.74 kg

  • Maximum Thrust:

  • Surge: +-100N, Sway

  • +-100N, Heave

  • +-70N, Yaw

  • +-100N

  • Peripherals:

    • Arm-gripper mechanism

    • Marker Dropper

    • Torpedo Launcher


  • ROS Architecture for CPU Software (C++ & Python)

  • FreeRTOS for ECU Firmware (Embedded C)


  • CAN Bus 2.0b CPU-ECU communication

  • TCP/IP Ethernet Vehicle-Ground Station Communication


  • Power:

  • Zippy Li-Ion 11.1V @8Ah

  • Blue Robotics Li-4S 14.8V @18Ah

  • Control Units:

  • NVIDIA Jetson TX2 with ConnectTech Quasar Carrier CPU

  • STM32F405RG MCU

  • Sensors:

  • VectorNav VN-200 IMU

  • ZED Mini Stereo Camera (Front-facing)

  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 (Bottom-facing)

  • Blue Robotics SOS Leak Sensor

  • Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor

  • Teledyne RESON TC-4013 Hydrophone (main)

  • 2x Aquarian H1C Hydrophones (secondary)

  • Actuators:

  • 6x Blue Robotics T200 Thrusters

System Diagrams




This past year's developments

  • Development of a realistic simulator for future competitions

  • Validation of last year's challenges with simulations

  • Creation of the perception system

  • Redesign of the submarine electronics, though not implemented nor tested